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19 – 24 June 2014


– 4 Stars
By Norocco Sewell, aged 12
19th April 2015

I enjoyed this book. I was able to empathise with the characters. There was a glossary of words to explain their meaning. I thought that was helpful. My favourite section of the story was when Oscar’s behaviour was slipping up and his parents thought the cause of this could have been potentially because of their “break up”. On the whole, the book touched me. I would rate this book 4/5.


– 5 Stars
By Gareth Davies
(Head of Year 5 at Parish Church (CE) Junior school)
Croydon, Surrey
19th April 2015

On Friday 30th January 2015, Sherlene Adolphe visited Parish Church (CE) Junior School to work with Year 5 as part of a literacy festival. She read both of her stories, OSCAR J: “Skipper Can no Longer Play…” and “Daddy Can no Longer Stay…” to 120 children. Her uniquely written stories engaged her audience and played with their emotions. Her poetic style had a positive influence on the way children wrote poetry in the lessons which followed.

Sherlene very kindly listened to pupils’ own stories they had written and offered valuable feedback. She had a warm presence and allowed children to ask her questions about being an author. Parish Church (CE) Junior School would recommend other schools taking the opportunity to learn from a very talented author.


– 5 Stars
By Mr Richards
9th May 2014

What a beautifully written book, and I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Separation in any relationship can affect our children in so many ways unimaginable. As stated in the book, children do tend to believe at times, that they are to blame for their parents separation which is a tearful shame. I think children having a handbook like Oscar J could shed some light and give more of an understanding that they are not to blame when it comes to their parents matters.
What a fantastic read.

Losing pet animals is just like losing a loved one to us all. ‘Skipper…’ the story was indeed a touching and heart felt read. The story was written in such a way to give comfort to a child losing their beloved pet animal, and would be a great read for any! A message to the author of this book; “Sherlene Adolphe I will say a big well done for getting your point across in your beautiful book Oscar J. Your book will touch many hearts and give hope for a better tomorrow! Role on your next book Sherlene and thanks for the read!”


5 Stars By Kylie Wright
6th March 2014

Wonderful Stories,
These two stories are excellent for family’s going through these life experiences and will give great comfort to the children grieving the loss of a pet, and an understanding of what may happen or has already happened within their family unit. Its great that it’s written so that it rhymes so it’s an easier understanding for the readers. Overall a wonderful book and Will be looking out for more of sherlene adolphes stories!


4 Stars By Catherine
4th March 2014

‘Poetic Meaning
This book has poetic structure to it, and although I am not one to buy poetry, as a professional working with children suffering separation, negelect and loss, I feel this book will bring some comfort to aid in the grieving process of loss, or to be prepared for such emotional feelings. The first story is my favourite.’


4 Stars By Najus
4th March 2014

Great for Children Experiencing Home / Family Issues and the Loss of a Pet
The book is great for children who are experiencing home / family issues and the loss of a pet. The children can read the book and relate to some issues at home and school, while adults can also learn from the book, as parents can see how the home issues and loss can affect a child.
Overall a good read for both adults to understand the effects loss and family issues can have on children.’


Beddington Infants, Wallington
Feb 2014

Having been made aware of this publication, a number of local schools within the UK, have invited Sherlene Adolphe to hold ‘author assemblies.’ It is during these she may read aloud to the children, then speak with them in more detail about the benefits of what she has written, going on to advise them of her personal inspirations and motivations as an author!
Adolphe is very keen to spread the messages within her words. This is on the knowledge that although the themes of Oscar J are being experienced by so many, it is extremely likely the same have never previously been explored.
The below details are from an email Adolphe received, from a lovely
Head Teacher at a Wallington, Surrey Infants’ school.

Hello again Sherlene!
Thank you so much for the wonderful assembly today! The children were definitely inspired!!
I have distributed the books and await your invoice.
Best wishes for your next venture!
Thank you again!!


5 Stars By RhyceJones
30th Jan 2014

‘Touched My Heart
What a beautifully written book. I absolutely loved how Sherlene was able to get her point across in such a gentle sweet way. The way the story rhymed was a lovely touch. I look forward to seeing more of Sherlene Adolphe’s books.’


5 Stars By Stellakis
21st Jan 2014

‘I purchased the book on subject matter, as we have an older dog that my kids adore, and I’ve been worried how to broach the subject of losing their pet. They now have a clearer understanding of what might happen when we lose him, and hopefully this will help with their grief. Thank you.’


5 Stars By Sandy
17th Jan 2014

‘When I first read this book it brought tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart. It is a must read for all. This book is also good for children who have lost a loved one and finding it hard to cope. The authors style of writing is poetic and easy to understand.’


‘A simple story told with caring sensitivity. Many parents could use this to re-evaluate their relationship with their children, and realise their childs point of view. I would recomemmend this book to parents and carers in these situations.’


With God as her witness, Adolphe’s primary aim is;

“To get my messages across, to as many of our world’s youth as poss!” She is therefore truly beholden with the registration of OSCAR J within the Southbank Poetry Library, and a wealth of others, within Central, Greater London, and Surrey boroughs!

So many local libraries now have copies of the wonderful OSCAR J upon their shelves!
Adolphe is thankful to all!