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photo 1Born in London England on 6th January 1980, Sherlene Adolphe was raised in Southfields Wimbledon, a London borough of the same.

Her love for poetry developed from a very early age, and was a regular pastime much to the benefit of her family and friends!

Qualified at Carshalton College in the London Borough of Sutton, Adolphe pursued a successful career in Business Travel, moving on into Lettings and Property Management, all of which she thoroughly enjoyed and excelled.

From the age of 21, alongside her formal careers, it was Adolphe’s work among children and adolescents within the Social Care sector that provided her with a great basis of her knowledge and experience of the same. Also registered as a Foster Carer, Adolphe currently lives in Beddington village, a tiny rural suburb in Surrey Greater London, with Omar her son.