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OSCAR J: “Skipper Can no Longer Play...” and “Daddy Can no Longer Stay..Oscar J, is a young boy devoted to his pet dog Skipper, who he has since developed a lifelong relationship with. Through the course of dog years, Skipper begins to age, becomes ill, and dies. Never having experienced a death of any kind, and its associated grief, Oscar J is distraught. However, with the support and comfort provided by mum, Oscar is aware that the pain and sadness he presently feels will eventually pass, and although Skipper will no longer be present for fun and games like every other previous day, his memory can live in Oscars heart and mind forever.

A little older from his days with Skipper, Oscar J is being subjected to constant rows, harsh words, slammed doors and silences between his parents. Over the course of weeks, he believes that he could be the cause of their distress, and becomes tearful, aggressive as a result of the same.

When his behavioural failings begin, Oscar’s parents are notified by the school, and it is at this point Mr and Mrs J realise the affect that their potential ‘break up’ is having on their son. Embarrassed and in shock by their thoughtless actions, they both sit and apologise to their son, assuring that through no fault of his own such is being experienced by their family.

Although these are changes in life that some may experience, should any separation or divorce come to pass between his dad and mum, the only constant that they can be sure will remain is the love that they have for their son.